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This mode is in effect when a user selects the "Work Offline" button for a specific share.When selected, all configured settings will apply to shares in user selected "Work Offline" mode as well.If you have any questions, please use the comments section to ask them.

Bitmap Differential Transfer tracks which blocks of a file in the local cache are modified while you are working offline and then sends only those blocks to the server.Because of this limitation, files modified with applications that do not modify the file in place will not work with Bitmap Differential Transfer.For example, Microsoft® Word creates a temporary file that is used to replace the original file.Filling of a sparse file ensures the complete file is in the cache.

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Most sparse files are automatically filled in the background by the “CSC Agent” so sparse files are rarely an issue.Initially, only those blocks of data read by the client application are cached, producing a “sparse” file in the cache.

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