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22-Aug-2017 08:28

Put it all together and Douglas is right: this what actions are available? The question of how Google approach “discovery and promotion,” as Douglas calls it, is also going to unanswered until “early next year.” And so alongside Siri and Alexa, the Google Assistant lives in a weird zone that’s simultaneously more open and less open than app stores.

For Google’s part, that sort of closed-ecosystem is not the goal for the Google Assistant.

It’s only the latter that Google is inviting developers to work on.

Direct actions — things that don’t require a conversation, such as turning on your lights or playing a song — still require a partnership with Google.

"We work with survivors of trafficking to ask them how a conversation like this would go."During a test phase, 1,500 people were convinced the chat bot was a real person.

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In the build up to the reveal, users are even asked for a photo of themselves to proceed.

The chat bot allows us to connect with and deter all of those buyers online at any time.