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19-Jun-2017 17:44

Now, why exactly are those sex bots not in the film?

Well, it was already rated R, so why not throw in some futuristic sex scenes?

Your happiness, then, can extend to the customization of and interaction with sex bots.

The futurists say that we are “genetically inclined to have multiple partners.” Therefore, they say, it is unnatural to suppress “our non-monogamous biological natures.

We will be able to morph our genders, species, ages and numbers in VR, and open ourselves up to forms of tactile and emotional sharing that are impossible in the flesh-to-flesh. Either way, the foundation of this future is here and now in Japan 2014.

We can hold an orgy on the moons of Jupiter, on lambskin rugs, with cherubim as an attentive audience.” To read more, click here. The Japanese believe this progression is quite normal.

One possible future is where robots will fill roles as family caregivers, household servants and voice-enabled avatars that manage our driverless cars, automated homes, and entertainment systems.Body sex is dangerous (sexually transmitted diseases), old people cannot do it, it is no longer necessary for reproduction, and last but not least virtual reality will soon provide alternatives that are far superior to the kind of body-dependent sex that we are used to.Doing the nasty in nano-neuro VR will be far more intimate than in the flesh.Hikari is a simple AI chat bot which is able to respond when you talk to her. She is still being developed at the moment, but hopefully some one will find a use for it.

Hikari uses an IM like interface to talk to you and is mainly just for fun at the moment.Japanese robotic engineering has a fundamentally different approach.