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02-Nov-2017 01:47

Many online dating sites claim to be free, and then surprise you with charges for features such as emailing, chat.First off, this dating website is exactly as advertised, totally 100% free to use, with loads of free features and high quality, easy to use design.You do not file in the state or country where you married, but rather where you live.Check your state page for specific residency requirements.You may use the resources and forms for informational purposes. You will be able to obtain legal advice through this method, should you need.The Live Lawyer feature is an additional minimal fee if you require legal advice through the process.You should review each spouse's state requirements to learn what is required and help you decide the state where you will file. Divorce information and topic specific laws are included in the questionnaire, along with completed divorce forms and procedural instructions which will provide a great deal of information about the law and process relating to obtaining a divorce. Typically, legal questions are addressed through the process of answering the questions and reading explanations and law as necessary.

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You will need to come to an agreement before confirming completion at the end of the question process.Access your completed divorce forms after a short online interview.