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18-Nov-2017 16:32

The origins of the Kinsey Institute lie in the scientific research of Indiana University professor and entomologist turned sexuality researcher, Alfred Kinsey.The 1947 creation of the nonprofit institute, originally named the Institute for Sex Research (ISR), was supported by both Indiana University president Herman B Wells and the Rockefeller Foundation, a major financial backer of Kinsey’s research.Bancroft and Erick Janssen developed the Dual-control model of sexual arousal, a theory of sexual arousal involving inhibitory and excitation processes.In 1999, the website Kinsey Confidential (originally called Kinsey Institute Sexuality Information Service for Students) was started to provide research-based information regarding sexuality to college-aged adults.Mohamed Omar, the center’s executive director, who was in the building when the explosion erupted, said one worshiper saw a pickup truck speed out of the parking lot after the blast.At a noon news conference that included clergy from several faiths, Asad Zaman, director of the local Muslim American Society, described the attack as a firebombing.The ISR was established to protect and preserve the confidentiality of Kinsey’s data and research materials by creating a secure, permanent repository for them. This case continued on after Kinsey’s death, until it was finally settled in the institute’s favor in 1957.

Each year since 2006, The Kinsey Institute’s annual juried art show features art work that explores themes of sexuality, gender, romance, reproduction, gender and sexual politics, the human figure, and the relation between illness and sexuality.

At an early evening news conference, Special Agent in Charge Richard Thornton said an “improvised explosive device” caused the blast, but that investigators still must determine “who and why.” “The post-blast environment is very detailed,” he said. It was an improvised explosive device that was set off early this morning.” The U. Department of Homeland Security issued a news release saying that acting DHS Secretary Elaine Duke was aware of the explosion and was “in close contact with federal, state and local authorities and local community leaders as the investigation into this matter continues.” “The Department of Homeland Security fully supports the rights of all to freely and safely worship the faith of their choosing and we vigorously condemn such attacks on any religious institution,” DHS said.