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UPDATE: One man was wounded after he shot himself in the leg when his revolver accidentally discharged during a free speech rally held at Gettysburg National Military Park on Saturday.

Some protesters went to the battlefield in anticipation that anarchists were planning to burn Confederate flags at the site during the battle anniversary . “We make accommodations for people who want to exercise their First Amendment rights,” said Katie Lawhon, a spokeswoman for Gettysburg National Military Park. Park Police, the Pennsylvania State Police, and local law enforcement to keep order during the weekend.

I remember we rode overnight on a train – I, and the girl I was dating, now my wife – to Washington, and stood at the back of the crowd at the Kennedy inaugural.

The language of his speech – ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country’ – had a powerful personal impact.

His family had been moderate Republican and Methodist, but his political and religious commitments were to not to be the same.

Putnam went to Swarthmore College, Philadelphia – the Quaker higher education institution known for its liberalism, commitment to social involvement and intellectual rigour. Swarthmore was the greatest intellectual influence on my life.

Reports that the anti-fascist group Antifa plans to burn Confederate flags and desecrate graves have prompted calls on social media for other groups to gather in Gettysburg to counter those protesters.

The anniversary of the battle, which raged from July 1 to July 3, 1863, comes at a time when there is a growing movement to remove Confederate symbols from public spaces.

There are no plans to change any of the 1,300 monuments on the park grounds, she said. Louis, a controversial Confederate monument in a city park is set to be removed and placed in storage until it a permanent location can be found in a Civil War museum, battlefield, or cemetery. In Orlando, a statue depicting “Johnny Reb” will be relocated from Lake Eola Park to a section of a local cemetery dedicated to Confederate veterans.from the North Carolina Memorial to the Veterans Memorial, where they will hold a ceremony, Lawhon said.

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