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And it turned me on to know I could connect with her that way. She was a nurse too (which, naturally only heightened the sexual intrigue). And her suspicions only grew as the marriage began falling further and further apart. She was a gorgeous equivalent of Randi - only brunette. I hadn't done anything with her, but I always had it in the back of my mind that she was very attractive, even while we had been dating. I had literally not seen her in person in over three years at that point. She was shaking, but her eyes and her smile gave away her excitement the most. As if reading my mind, she slowly turned - just enough for me to see the back of her dress setttle neatly and perfectly on her ass, with a slight crease that revealed that she most likely was wearing a thong, or perhaps nothing at all. Vanessa was younger than Randi by a few years - not quite 21 at the time. I loved her body - and I made sure to worship it often. I loved running my hands up the back of her legs, bare or covered, and reaching the fold where her perfect ass and thigh met to check whether she had complied. She pulled up in her SUV, right on time, and barely stopped the car when she hopped out to give me a big hug. But quickly followed, not wanting to be left behind. Normally, I hate crowds, but surrounded by two stunning beauties, I had little to complain about.She slowed her pace, letting me catch up and press my hand harder against her. I miss feeling you touching me." I said nothing as her back remained to me. Her firm skin was taught on her ass as she bent forward, giving me full access to her. I reached down and pulled it aside, slipping a finger in her now soaking pussy. I want to feel your big dick cum in my pussy." Her words rang inside my head. Every now and then, she'd hold that position, grinding her ass into me.I reached my other hand out and placed it just at her waist, wrapping my fingers around her hip bone and pressing with my fingertips along the edge of where her thong met her upper hip. I knew she loved this because she begged me to grab her like this whenever I was fucking her from behind. I slid my finger in deeper, touching her clit with my thumb as I plunged further into her. I wanted to run my tongue along her slit - but there was no time. My dick would move in rhythm to her movement, rubbing the walls of her pussy with the tip of my dick.

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She felt my dick against her hand and tried to squeeze it with her fingertips. Somewhere along the way, she had used her free hand to pick up a few things - women are amazing that way. I was happy to be there, nestled up against her body, the feel of her ass against my throbbing cock. We quickly made our way to a secluded spot in the back of the store. And as masculine as I felt at that moment with this beautiful girl ready to give herself to me, getting arrested was not something I wanted or could afford to deal with. I grabbed her by the hand and snuck out, leaving her cousin to fend for herself. When we finally reached her SUV, we barely made it inside. Our parking spot was in a corner of the garage, secluded and relatively dark, though not completely beyond visibility. She moaned louder as she hear my zipper run down the length, and finally gave an approving sigh as she felt my dick spring out from my boxers and land almost perfectly in line with her slit. " "Drive that dick into me." Fuck it felt good to be inside of her. Fuck the shit out of me." I kept sliding in and out of her. Eventually though, I succumbed to her dirty talking and hard fucking.

I could have bent her over a rack and fucked her right there, if it wasn't for the throngs of women surrounding us. All this time my mind had been trained on feeling her skin, smelling her hair, kneading her ass with my hand and pressing my hard dick against her body. Vanessa appeared out of nowhere to show her cousin a few things she had found. What that kiss lacked in passion, she more than made up for in the fire I saw in her crystal blue eyes. With the sale and mob at the front of the store, the staff was relatively preoccupied and seemingly short-staffed. We raced back to her SUV, all the while grabbing and groping each other along the way. The back seat was spacious enough to sit comfortably (even for a my 6 foot frame), but for extra good measure, I slide the front seats as far forward as possible. I wanted to kiss her lips, and slide my tongue down to the nape of neck, planting little kisses along the way to her perfect breasts where I'd spent hours sucking and nibbling on her nipples as I played with her pussy. It was almost as if she had intentionally parked there. My dick still buried inside of her pussy, I pushed hard one last time to give her every inch.