Dating rickenbacker bass

21-Nov-2017 00:04

The guitar will probably be for sale when my friend can get an idea what a reasonable price would be for it. I'm NOT the expert that many here on the Forum truly are.My Rick had the serial number in the end of the tuning piece; stock or whatever it's called. I'm told when the strings go thro' the actual guitar body (not a chrome endplate) it is prewar. Early models had a little octagon shaped knob for the volume control; flat in shape. Note: I have posted similar information on this Forum before.The guitar is solid black bakelite that sunbursts to a grey color in the center.It has six strings and the headstock has Rickenbacher Electro written on it(both are written horizontally).A friend of mine just bought an old Rickenbacher off of an old gentleman last week and he is trying to find out what year it was built and what it is worth.As I have no knowledge concerning lap steels I thought I would check here for him.Click on the one that appears to be the type you have on your instrument!

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The letter 'T' is for non-vibrato tailpiece and the 'V' means vibrato tailpiece.Some of the earlier had no corresponding dates to the number, except for the invoices.

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