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28-Nov-2017 09:36

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the systematic extermination of 6 million Jews in gas chambers on the instructions of Hitler—consists of the supposed “confessions” of the German officials who were put on trial at Nuremberg.What they neglect to tell you is that most of these confessions were obtained under extreme torture.

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Proponents of the official storyline say that some of the strongest evidence that “proves” the Holocaust—i.e.It has since been openly admitted in the memoirs of the top British official, Colonel Alexander Scotland, who ran the interrogation program, that thousands of Germans were tortured by British Military Intelligence, under the direction of the Prisoner of War Interrogation Section (PWIS).

Die Wirtschaftsförderer von Savannah haben sorgfältig recherchiert: Auf der Suche nach deutschen Partnerstädten für Außenhandel und Kooperationen stand Bremen ganz oben auf ihrer Liste.… continue reading »

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Think about a situation where a firefighter refused to keep a gay institution from burning to the ground, a policeman did not protect somebody or an emergency room turned away a patient. By being on the wrong side of history and misusing your power as governor, you are contributing to the suffering of a community that is already disenfranchised from many mental health services.… continue reading »

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There are some lifestyle or psychological factors that you can help him address. “Porn keeps raising the bar of stimulation, meaning that men need a higher stimulus to get off because it’s what they’re getting used to,” says Morse.… continue reading »

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The power couple are currently renting an expansive home in Dublin's Killiney over the course of the next few weeks while the spy flick is in production, which resulted in some of the most memorable pictures we've ever seen of a less-than-glam Lively on Talbot Street.… continue reading »

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